Floating pipeline systems and wear resistant parts and linings

Do you need pipeline parts, floats or maybe even a complete floating pipeline system? Are you looking for quality PU engineering parts or PU or ceramic wear resistant linings? Welcome to DredgingCase, your supplier of choice.

Why DredgingCase? That’s easy: no matter what challenges you face, you can count on us to bring 45 years of dredging industry experience to the table. We know what it takes to make it work, and make it work well. Be it single products or a turnkey solution, we offer you high quality and excellent service at a reasonable price. Every single time.

StrongPipe Rubber Floating Systems

Does your project require top quality rubber floating pipeline systems that include self-floating hoses or a combination of rubber hoses with PE floats? We deliver. The hoses can be carried out in a wide range of pressure levels, buoyancy levels, abrasion resistance qualities, diameters and lengths. All to suit your needs.

StrongPipe Steel Floating Systems

Our steel floating pipeline system can be fully customized to your demands. To this end, we use steel pipes, ball joints or rubber StrongHose couplings and StrongFloats. This solution offers you the perfect balance between performance and investment size.

StrongPipe HDPE Floating Systems

The HDPE Floating System combines HDPE StrongPipes with StrongHoses and StrongFloats. It’s very flexible, extreme wear resistant and thanks to the loose floats we can precisely tune the Specific Gravity of your floating pipeline system. A widely used system, for obvious reasons!