About DredgingCase

We are DredgingCase, a Dutch company with over 45 years of experience in dredging. We are located in Giessen, a town in the middle of the Netherlands. Our name is derived from the word dredging and the name of one of our founders Kees (pronounced as Case) van Vugt.

DredgingCase aims to be the dredging industry’s supplier of choice for dredging related products and floating solutions.

DredgingCase is all about finding optimal solutions for dredging related issues and building sustainable relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Regardless of complexity, we strive to solve any issue for our customers and according to the highest standards.

To achieve our mission we focus on serving the international dredging industry with the best quality and innovative wear parts and floating solutions. We put in our expertise, our creativity and determination and take responsibility for today’s and tomorrow’s environment. We design, build and deliver our products exactly according to custom demand. We serve both local as well as many international companies. Both our partners and customers can count on us to deliver high quality products, solid advice and fast and reliable service at a reasonable price.