Rubber suction hoses, discharge hoses, floating hoses for all dredging applications; DredgingCase has them, in a wide variety. We not only guarantee you the best European quality dredger hoses at a competitive price, we are also able to tailor their diameter, length, pressure ratings and ‘for floating purpose’ buoyancy to your specific needs.

Suction Hoses

Need flexible rubber suction hoses? DredgingCase carries them in both spiral and separate ring design. What’s more, we offer customization in diameter, length and pressure ratings to fit your purpose.

Discharge Hoses

Our tough rubber discharge hoses with extreme wear resistant lines are suitable for dredging gravel, sand and slurry. Tell us what diameter, length and pressure ratings you need them in and we deliver.

Floating Hoses

Our European self-floating hoses are suitable for even the most extreme conditions. They are equipped with highly wear resistant lines and a PE foam body that can be adjusted to the Specific Gravity of the pumped material in question. Diameter, length, pressure ratings and SG are client-specific.

For less extreme conditions we offer floating hoses that consist of a rubber hose with PE floats. The rubber hoses are equipped with bumpers to fit PE floats and are available in any diameter, in various lengths and various pressure ratings.

Armoured Hoses

DredgingCase’s European armoured hoses are specifically designed for pumping highly abrasive materials and custom-fit in terms of diameter, length and pressure ratings. These special hoses are equipped with abrasion resistant steel rings as well as wear lining. Tough as nails.


Does your project require customized rubber bends, compensators, expansion joints or other? Let us know. Material, diameter, length, pressure ratings, at DredgingCase, we are able to deliver practically any type of special to fit your demands.