StrongPipe Steel

Steel pipelines are the traditional choice for the dredging industry. Their use is still widespread, both for floating as well as shore discharge. A simple, clever and user-friendly solution. DredgingCase offers a wide range of steel pipes in different steel grades. They are all produced in compliance with international standards, ensuring you of a high quality product.

Steel pipes

Our spiral and longitudinal welded steel pipes are suitable for floating and shore discharge lines. You can choose from various wall thicknesses, lengths and diameters up to Ø 2000 mm.


We carry steel flanges (raw, galvanized or color coated) in various patterns, all compliant to international standards.

Steel Bends and Y-Pieces

Our steel range includes steel bends and Y-pieces for shore lines, which are available in various wall thicknesses, diameters and angles.

Gate valves

We deliver two types of gate valves. Rubber ring gate valves, which open and close a line and regulating valves for flow control.